I had the great honor of helping Steve King and Rich Chizmar with the research for their terrific book, Gwendy’s Final Task. If you haven’t read the Gwendy books yet, I highly recommend them. Thank you, Steve and Rich, for the kind acknowledgement at the back of the novel. Gwendy certainly has a special place in my heart.

For any of you who haven’t read the acknowledgement, here it is:


IT’S USUALLY PLURAL, AS in acknowledgements, but the authors decided not to do the whole Academy Awards shtick, since there’s no music to play us offstage. Lots of people helped, including our families, who give us the time and space to do this crazy job, and all those helpers know who they are. But Robin Furth, who aided Steve on the last three volumes of the Dark Tower books, deserves special mention. All that stuff about prepping for takeoff, the takeoff itself, the docking with our (decidedly fictional) space station? That’s all Robin. She sent us fact sheets, she sent us videos, and when we got things wrong, she corrected us (gently, lovingly). If it feels real, that’s because most of it really is. Gwendy’s Final Task—and her final adventure—isn’t dedicated to Robin, but it could have been; her help was enormous.

Oh, and before we let you close the book (assuming you haven’t already), we want to thank you, Constant Reader. We’re so happy you invested your time, money, and imagination in our little story.

—Stephen King & Richard Chizmar

King, Stephen; Chizmar, Richard. Gwendy’s Final Task (Gwendy’s Button Box Trilogy) (pp. 401-402). Hodder & Stoughton. Kindle Edition.